Bebo Instant Messenger by TheTalkativeOne

Bebo (Blog Early Blog Often), the popular social networking site, has recently released Bebo Instant Messenger which enables on-line users the ability to talk to other users instantly. This messenger can also help users to be able to know if their friends are on-line or not easier than looking in the friends icon. The IM can be temperamental however. When you change to someone else’s profile it sometimes gets rid of your conversation with one of the users. Which can be particularly annoying for people who were in the middle of a conversation. Following on from popular IM programs such as MSN and AIM. Bebo wanted to integrate the both to make people’s computer life easier. This means that user’s don’t have to start up both programs during computing. The only problem is that some people you have on MSN but unfortunately don’t have on Bebo.

Haha, Thank You. 🙂


Youtube Launch Video Journalism Competition. by TheTalkativeOne
August 30, 2008, 8:30 pm
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Youtube, the Google-owned video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips, has recently launched a Video Journalism Competition. Users of the site are being asked to record a video at the maximum time of 3 minutes as part of their new Journalism Programme. They have even added channels for reporters and other media workers. The point of the Competition is to highlight how journalism has changed over the years into Video’s on popular websites and the advancing of technology.

GeekTech will keep you updated on the details of how to sign up for this competition etc.


People, be VERY careful on public computers. by Scott Campbell
August 5, 2008, 12:11 pm
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Hello everyone.

I am currently on holiday on a small island, which if you read my Twitters (, you will already know.

My laptop can not get an internet connection here, so I had to go along to the local internet cafe.

I recently signed up for a facebook profile so thought that I would look in the pictures folder of the computer.

On navigating to the pictures folder I stumbled upon a folder called ‘My Chat Logs’.

If I double clicked on any of those .txt files, I had access to the conversations made on MSN on this computer.

I could find out about relationships, telephone numbers and even addresses.

In the wrong hands, this information could be deadly.

If you have to chat on MSN on a public computer, make sure you switch the chat history off in the preferences of MSN.