Youtube Launch Video Journalism Competition. by TheTalkativeOne
August 30, 2008, 8:30 pm
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Youtube, the Google-owned video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips, has recently launched a Video Journalism Competition. Users of the site are being asked to record a video at the maximum time of 3 minutes as part of their new Journalism Programme. They have even added channels for reporters and other media workers. The point of the Competition is to highlight how journalism has changed over the years into Video’s on popular websites and the advancing of technology.

GeekTech will keep you updated on the details of how to sign up for this competition etc.



E-mail Tester : Day 3 by TheTalkativeOne
August 30, 2008, 1:21 pm
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Hey, Sorry that i didn’t post yesterday i was really busy with downloading things for my computer and things.

So anyway as promised today i will be talking about Yahoo! the 2nd e-mail platform that i am testing.

Now i must say that the sign-up process is one of the hardest things i have ever encountered on the internet to do. The set-up takes forever and even after filling out each and everyone of the details ,which to be honest are slightly revealing of your identity whatever happened to data protection and all that, you are then asked to give a security code which i really don’t understand the point in. Even when you type in the code correctly it still says that you have got it wrong. This outraged me quite a bit and i entered it again just to find that the password i had put in had streched to about a mile long. Which i had to change about 20 times before Yahoo! finally set up my account. At this point it took me to a sign up screen from here on i had more problems. I put in the CORRECT details. My password and username and then it had the cheek to say that there was no email account of that name. By the time i had finally accessed the account i had created about 30 emails. When i got in i gave in and went back to my other “easier to set-up emails”.

Google is still on top guys. Thanks, Tomorrow will be Windows Live Mail. 🙂

Awesome Hotel Technology by Scott Campbell

The first of the Pantin hotels, the Ellington, founded by David Pantin, is going to have some pretty awesome technology.

Guests at the Leeds hotel will be treated to an entertainment centre including a plasma screen, satellite television, DVD and CD player, iPod docking station and even speakers in the bathroom.The entertainment centre is capable of playing Xbox 360, Wii and PS3, all of which will be available to guests. There will also be complimentary Wi-Fi and plug-in laptop access in every room and three digital phones, one by the bedside, one on the desk and one in the bathroom.

The staff are going to be using VOIP phones over the hotel’s wireless network; at a saving of £20,000.

The Stairs at the Ellington

A Conversation Between Nathan and I by Scott Campbell
August 19, 2008, 10:22 pm
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I was talking to Nathan on the phone today and he told me that his laptop was quite slow…

Here is how the conversation went…

Nathan: My laptop is slow.

Scott: Just think, they don’t have laptops in Africa.

Nathan: Actually, yes they do.

I completely forgot about the new scheme where countries send laptops to third world countries… Doh!

Apple’s Newest Innovation: Wireless Power? by Scott Campbell
August 18, 2008, 11:24 pm
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Apple’s latest innovation is set out to be… Wireless Power!

‘What? It’s just a marketing ploy? Oh.’

In the regularly used picture of the iMac which shows everything you get with the Mac, but not the power cable. Why, may I ask, is the iMac powered if it is not plugged in?

Oh, and also, the cables never sit as perfectly as this. If you want them to stick like this, you have to use TAPE!

What’s in your URL Bar? by Scott Campbell
August 12, 2008, 2:34 pm
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Here is a cool little game you can play…

Type each of these letters into your URL Bar and type out next to it what the first web address that comes up is.


























Please note that I don’t own any of these sites. Well, maybe the first one.

Please post a comment to tell us what’s in YOUR URL Bar.

Email Me:

6 Steps until Google rules the Internet by Scott Campbell

They say that there are 6 degrees of separation between any 2 given people on the planet. If ruling the internet and Google were counted as people, then Google is definitely only 6 steps away from ruling the internet.

(After writing the first paragraph, it doesn’t actually sound as good as I thought it would. Nevermind.)

Well anyway, according to Crunch Base, the database of mostly all Web companies, these are Google’s acquisitions:

Omnisio, ZAO Begun, DoubleClick, Jaiku, Zingku, Image America,Postini, GrandCentral , PeakStream, FeedBurner, Zenter, Panoramio, GreenBorder, Marratech,Tonic Systems,Trendalyzer, Adscape, Endoxon, JotSpot, YouTube, Neven Vision, Reqwireless, 2Web Technologies, Orion, @Last Software, Upstartle,Measure Map, dMarc Broadcasting, allPAY, bruNET, Phatbits, Akwan Information Technologies, Skia, Android, Dodgeball,Urchin Software, Keyhole,Where2,ZipDash,Picasa, Baidu,Ignite Logic, Sprinks, Genius Labs, Kaltix, Applied Semantics, Neotonic Software,,Pyra Labs, Outride, Deja.

Which, if you ask me, is a lot. What surprises me so much is the fact that Google can still afford state of the art office facilities after acquiring all these companies. They must turn some huge profit though.

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