E-mail Tester : Day 3 by TheTalkativeOne
August 30, 2008, 1:21 pm
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Hey, Sorry that i didn’t post yesterday i was really busy with downloading things for my computer and things.

So anyway as promised today i will be talking about Yahoo! the 2nd e-mail platform that i am testing.

Now i must say that the sign-up process is one of the hardest things i have ever encountered on the internet to do. The set-up takes forever and even after filling out each and everyone of the details ,which to be honest are slightly revealing of your identity whatever happened to data protection and all that, you are then asked to give a security code which i really don’t understand the point in. Even when you type in the code correctly it still says that you have got it wrong. This outraged me quite a bit and i entered it again just to find that the password i had put in had streched to about a mile long. Which i had to change about 20 times before Yahoo! finally set up my account. At this point it took me to a sign up screen from here on i had more problems. I put in the CORRECT details. My password and username and then it had the cheek to say that there was no email account of that name. By the time i had finally accessed the account i had created about 30 emails. When i got in i gave in and went back to my other “easier to set-up emails”.

Google is still on top guys. Thanks, Tomorrow will be Windows Live Mail. 🙂


Apple has launched a Iphone 3G Fix by TheTalkativeOne
August 20, 2008, 8:35 pm
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Apple has recently launched a fix for the new Iphone 3G. The fix is hopefully going too improve the 3G reception on the phone which will improve overall performance of calls. The fix was created following several compalints about the 3G quality in the Iphone. Apple only gave vague responses and didn’t specify what they were targeting but they have said that it is aimed at 3G reception.

Spamza by Scott Campbell
August 19, 2008, 12:31 am
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I just found out about a worrying service called Spamza… Simply type in an email at and it will spam them.

I’m going to test it out. 😀

OK, so I have made an email account and entered it into Spamza. I am taken to a ‘loading bar’ style page, where it tells me I am being signed up to 100s of newsletters. Yay!

I check my inbox, I already have 10 emails.

Here is my counter:

01:22: Signup

01.23: 17 Emails

01.25: 48 Emails

01.26: 78 Emails

01.30: 87 Emails.

I think I will stop here.

The email I used was

If you want to try spamza, enter that.

Apple’s Newest Innovation: Wireless Power? by Scott Campbell
August 18, 2008, 11:24 pm
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Apple’s latest innovation is set out to be… Wireless Power!

‘What? It’s just a marketing ploy? Oh.’

In the regularly used picture of the iMac which shows everything you get with the Mac, but not the power cable. Why, may I ask, is the iMac powered if it is not plugged in?

Oh, and also, the cables never sit as perfectly as this. If you want them to stick like this, you have to use TAPE!

iPhone Headphones: We take a look at the new Apple ‘phones, which have some subtle differences by Scott Campbell
August 11, 2008, 10:47 am
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Headphones Side by Side

I have in front of me two pairs of headphones, one of which has some subtle differences from the other.

One pair is from an old iPod Nano, the other from the new iPhone 3G. But which pair is better?

1. The Cable

The first notable difference is the feel of the cable of the headphones. The newer headphones have a rubbery, bendy feeling cable, whereas the older headphone cable has a more plastic-y feel. To be honest, I prefer the feel of the new, rubbery headphones compared to the older version.

New- 1  /  0  – Old

2. Comfort

Apple generally provides notoriously large headphones, which are usally big enough to give anyone a pain in the ear after wearing them for too long. However, Apple have finally given in to the request of smaller headphones clearly, as the newer iPhone 3G headphones are smaller. Compared side by side, there is an obvious difference in size.

New- 2  /  0  – Old

3. Sound Quality

I must say that there is not really any difference in sound quality, but it was hard to tell with the large size of the old iPod Nano headphones causing a pain in my ears. This is a draw. Both sides get 1 point.

New- 3  /  1  – Old

4. Design

The new iPhone headphones are smoothed out along the back, rather than a little stick with a headphone bud attached on the old iPod Nano. Also, on the iPhone headphones the ‘L’ and ‘R’ indicating which ear to stick the buds in, is hidden. This means that you can’t commit the iFaux Pas by putting the buds in the wrong ears and then publicly displaying it. It is a shame they are still white though…

New- 4  /  1  – Old

5. Length

I checked the lengths, and both headphones are the same. That means that this round is a tie, meaning the final score is…

New- 5  /  2  – Old

So the winner of the headphone contest is the new Apple headphones. Congratulations, Apple, you have beat yourself.

Old Headphones

New Headphones