Bebo Instant Messenger by TheTalkativeOne

Bebo (Blog Early Blog Often), the popular social networking site, has recently released Bebo Instant Messenger which enables on-line users the ability to talk to other users instantly. This messenger can also help users to be able to know if their friends are on-line or not easier than looking in the friends icon. The IM can be temperamental however. When you change to someone else’s profile it sometimes gets rid of your conversation with one of the users. Which can be particularly annoying for people who were in the middle of a conversation. Following on from popular IM programs such as MSN and AIM. Bebo wanted to integrate the both to make people’s computer life easier. This means that user’s don’t have to start up both programs during computing. The only problem is that some people you have on MSN but unfortunately don’t have on Bebo.

Haha, Thank You. 🙂


E-mail Tester : Day 3 by TheTalkativeOne
August 30, 2008, 1:21 pm
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Hey, Sorry that i didn’t post yesterday i was really busy with downloading things for my computer and things.

So anyway as promised today i will be talking about Yahoo! the 2nd e-mail platform that i am testing.

Now i must say that the sign-up process is one of the hardest things i have ever encountered on the internet to do. The set-up takes forever and even after filling out each and everyone of the details ,which to be honest are slightly revealing of your identity whatever happened to data protection and all that, you are then asked to give a security code which i really don’t understand the point in. Even when you type in the code correctly it still says that you have got it wrong. This outraged me quite a bit and i entered it again just to find that the password i had put in had streched to about a mile long. Which i had to change about 20 times before Yahoo! finally set up my account. At this point it took me to a sign up screen from here on i had more problems. I put in the CORRECT details. My password and username and then it had the cheek to say that there was no email account of that name. By the time i had finally accessed the account i had created about 30 emails. When i got in i gave in and went back to my other “easier to set-up emails”.

Google is still on top guys. Thanks, Tomorrow will be Windows Live Mail. 🙂

Spamza…. Again by TheTalkativeOne
August 28, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Once again i delve into the controversial topic of “Spamza”,this topic has been brought up quite a lot over the past weeks and has sparked some anger in some people who have been victims of spam. Which is basically thousands of useless e-mails and newsletters sent to your e-mail. The objective of spam is to clutter your inbox and confuse you.

Not that long ago, on one of our other posts, a spamza lover said that spamza had been started up again. Yes it had in fact been started up again but i can now tell all you readers that Spamza has indeed been shut down once again. If you have anything you would like us to post about Spamza then email us at either. or geektechscott@gmail.comand we will try and get back to you as soon as possible as to whether we can post it or not. Leave comments that can hopefully be answered by a Spamza lover.

Thanks for your continuous support on our blog. It means a lot. Thank You.

Why buy a TLD? by Scott Campbell
August 27, 2008, 7:37 am
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One of the many things I find really annoying is electrical/plumbing/joinery companies using free email accounts like Hotmail, gMail and worst of all, AOL.

I think that a free email address gives off a kind of kind of sense, whereas sounds much nicer and more professional than it’s free alternative.

Remember, however, that if you do buy a domain, always make a website, don’t just use it for email.

And for goodness sake, if you can’t afford one or don’t know how to make a website, shoot me an email… (TLD coming soon! :D)

The App Store for 3 Billion People that Don’t have an iPhone by Scott Campbell
August 19, 2008, 10:57 am
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If you have an iPhone, the App Store is a great way to download applications, free and paid for alike. What if you don’t have an iPhone?

Then there’s GetJar.

GetJar is the world’s biggest mobile application download website. It has surpassed 300 million downloads, which is a pretty big achievement.

In their store, they have over 10,000 free applications, but I don’t know if they can provide the level of trust provided by iTunes.

Watch this space… (Well, not literally)

Spamza by Scott Campbell
August 19, 2008, 12:31 am
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I just found out about a worrying service called Spamza… Simply type in an email at and it will spam them.

I’m going to test it out. 😀

OK, so I have made an email account and entered it into Spamza. I am taken to a ‘loading bar’ style page, where it tells me I am being signed up to 100s of newsletters. Yay!

I check my inbox, I already have 10 emails.

Here is my counter:

01:22: Signup

01.23: 17 Emails

01.25: 48 Emails

01.26: 78 Emails

01.30: 87 Emails.

I think I will stop here.

The email I used was

If you want to try spamza, enter that.

Apple’s Newest Innovation: Wireless Power? by Scott Campbell
August 18, 2008, 11:24 pm
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Apple’s latest innovation is set out to be… Wireless Power!

‘What? It’s just a marketing ploy? Oh.’

In the regularly used picture of the iMac which shows everything you get with the Mac, but not the power cable. Why, may I ask, is the iMac powered if it is not plugged in?

Oh, and also, the cables never sit as perfectly as this. If you want them to stick like this, you have to use TAPE!