Spamza…. Again by TheTalkativeOne
August 28, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Once again i delve into the controversial topic of “Spamza”,this topic has been brought up quite a lot over the past weeks and has sparked some anger in some people who have been victims of spam. Which is basically thousands of useless e-mails and newsletters sent to your e-mail. The objective of spam is to clutter your inbox and confuse you.

Not that long ago, on one of our other posts, a spamza lover said that spamza had been started up again. Yes it had in fact been started up again but i can now tell all you readers that Spamza has indeed been shut down once again. If you have anything you would like us to post about Spamza then email us at either. or geektechscott@gmail.comand we will try and get back to you as soon as possible as to whether we can post it or not. Leave comments that can hopefully be answered by a Spamza lover.

Thanks for your continuous support on our blog. It means a lot. Thank You.


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Give it up Spamza. You put it up and we will find a way to knock it down. You host it anywhere and we will tell your host about your site. You host it yourself and we will tell your ISP and get them to disconnect you. You host it somewhere with no rules against spam and we will tell your advertisers to make sure you don’t make a dime off of your site.

Just give it up Spamza. Your site is fucked.

Comment by Bill

Hello Bill!

I like how you put yourself above all laws and how you act like a little pissed bitch. I wish I could find your e-mail myself, but oh well.

You know what is funny? I am not doing SpamZa for cash. Believe it or not this website is actually COSTING me money. I even went to see a lawyer, one that cost 150$++ per year, to make sure I was legally immune. And guess what? According to a proeminent expert — I am. SpamZa is 100% legal.

Good luck in your zealous campaign. You might want to get a job at the RIAA once you’re done. You know, shutting up what you don’t like.


Comment by stradf

Oh, and

Comment by stradf

I think the issue here is not about whether spamZa stays online or not (btw, it seems to be back with, but the huge flaw some email marketers have in their mailing lists management.
Double opt-in was created for a reason and I can’t understand who would be so desperate for subscribers not to require it!

Yes, spamZa can be very annoying, but personally I would focus on the people running mailing lists that allow anyone to subscribe anybody else.

Comment by Dave

Agreed with you, Dave.

Please stop making complaints. It’s a pain in the ass having to change everything every three days. Thank you.

Comment by stradf

I agree with Dave, but anyway… Just keep sending complaints – it’s down right now. *Yaaaay*

Comment by Ai

i cannot wait until spamza is up!!

Comment by eric

Up again and this time posting from a proxy as some gay admin loves to redistribute our IP — illegally of course — to some nazi websites who are determined to harass whoever do not share their biased views of the world.

SpamZa is only the beginning. I have many more projects incoming. I can assure you that you will hear of “StradF” in the future. And once again admin of this website: I am very disappointed you chose to colloborate with nazi “we-shut-down-what-we-dislike” website. Not that you can do anything against me anyway, even with my real IP 😛

Comment by stradf

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