Spamza by Scott Campbell
August 19, 2008, 12:31 am
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I just found out about a worrying service called Spamza… Simply type in an email at and it will spam them.

I’m going to test it out. šŸ˜€

OK, so I have made an email account and entered it into Spamza. I am taken to a ‘loading bar’ style page, where it tells me I am being signed up to 100s of newsletters. Yay!

I check my inbox, I already have 10 emails.

Here is my counter:

01:22: Signup

01.23: 17 Emails

01.25: 48 Emails

01.26: 78 Emails

01.30: 87 Emails.

I think I will stop here.

The email I used was

If you want to try spamza, enter that.


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Comment by SpamZa

[…] building service called SpamZa, is fighting to remain online after providing highly successful (87 spam emails in 8 minutes) into fulfilling its objective, namely, to sign up any email submitted to hundreds of newsletters […]

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spam me if you can

Comment by Victoria, spam me if you can

Comment by Victoria

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