Spamza : Update by TheTalkativeOne
August 19, 2008, 12:43 pm
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It looks like, since last night, Spamza has been shut down. Scott and I have tried the webpage and it has become blocked or in internet speak “Forbidden”. Sorry for those of you who haven’t yet tried the site. We’ll keep you updated. Thanks, Nathan

P.s If the rep from Spamza could leave a comment on this post telling us what’s happened it would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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We have no idea why we have been shut down. We are doing our best to get the website back online and possible solution could include home-made server. If anyone knows a host ready to host our website — without that crap and shutting down shit — please contact us at

Comment by Frank Lau

WTF? You’re enabling spamming by proxy and harassment, and you’re surprised you’ve been shut down? Either you’re being completely dishonest or you’re a moron.

Comment by Steve S.

You have no idea?

You provide a method for someone to be forged-subbed en-masse to mailing lists they never asked for.

You don’t belong on a civilized internet.


Comment by dave

I’ll tell you why they were shut down. They spammed me and I looked up their hosting company and informed them that spamza was breaking the anti spam rule in the TOS of the hosting website. The hosting company disconnected all ties to the admin of Spamza including his blog site named

This is why these websites will never exist too long. You spam the wrong person and they will know exactly what to do to get you shut down.

The only way around it is to host your own webpage. And even then advertisers have TOS too and many have anti spamming rules. Which makes paying for your own servers rather difficult for a free service such as spamza.

Comment by TheTaoOfBill

Well, hosting your own website isn’t a good way around it, unless you’re a tier 1 provider. Cause if you host it on your own connection, it’s easy to tell who the provider is, and just complain to them instead. Sorry, Franky, it ain’t gonna work. We’re going to get you shut down every time you reappear.

Comment by AntiSpamChicago

I’m happy to anounce you that today (26-08-2008) Spamza! is back online and runing!

Comment by Spamza! lover


Hey AntiSpamChicago — eat my shit faggot 😀

Comment by stradf

Aw, did little Frank Lau get his feelings hurt after his pee-pee got spanked? I’m so sorry, Frank. I promise you the turd we sent you in the mail is really chocolate. Please, take a bite and see.

Frank, we’re about to take your site down again. Enjoy.

Comment by AntiSpamChicago

I got spammed in the mail by a company that published my home mortgage loan amount. I found scam ads looking for people to work commission for them. Their ads get flagged by craigslist but not fast enough. I’d like to spam them back. I wish spamza was around – it’d like to return the favour and make their recruiting difficult. Spammers will get our emails easy enough. Lets get some tools to fight with too.

Comment by James

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