The FREE way to declutter cables… by Scott Campbell
August 12, 2008, 12:30 pm
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Look at that image. The back of my computer is pretty tidy. 

This morning I decided that I as sick of having all that cable clutter behind my PC. I embarked on a ‘mission’ to declutter those cables. I decided that the easiest solution would be to take some brown tape, all though you can use any colour/type, and put all the cables underneath the table that my PC was sitting on. It worked a treat until I decided to tape the monitor adaptor box underneath the table. It was so heavy that it pulled all the tape down and I had to start again.

Here are a few pointers for sticking your cables to tables…

1. If you are planning to stick your cables underneath a table or desk, make sure the tape you use is strong enough.

2. Make sure that the area is dust free and clean before you stick the tape to it. If there is dust, the tape will stick to the dust and not the surface and will therefore fall down.

3. Do not stick heavy objects to the desk using the tape. They will most likely fall down.

Leave a comment and let us know how YOU declutter cables.

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I find decluttering cables entirely impossible and it is now reaching the stage that it is a fire hazard! A lot of my cables are also not plugged in at all as they have once been used but now lie abandoned!

Comment by Kenneth Watt


At my school they cable tie them so we cant steal them.. but then they’re so annoying, you know the feeling of not having a mouse cable long enough, gah!

Comment by Sam

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