iPhone Headphones: We take a look at the new Apple ‘phones, which have some subtle differences by Scott Campbell
August 11, 2008, 10:47 am
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Headphones Side by Side

I have in front of me two pairs of headphones, one of which has some subtle differences from the other.

One pair is from an old iPod Nano, the other from the new iPhone 3G. But which pair is better?

1. The Cable

The first notable difference is the feel of the cable of the headphones. The newer headphones have a rubbery, bendy feeling cable, whereas the older headphone cable has a more plastic-y feel. To be honest, I prefer the feel of the new, rubbery headphones compared to the older version.

New- 1  /  0  – Old

2. Comfort

Apple generally provides notoriously large headphones, which are usally big enough to give anyone a pain in the ear after wearing them for too long. However, Apple have finally given in to the request of smaller headphones clearly, as the newer iPhone 3G headphones are smaller. Compared side by side, there is an obvious difference in size.

New- 2  /  0  – Old

3. Sound Quality

I must say that there is not really any difference in sound quality, but it was hard to tell with the large size of the old iPod Nano headphones causing a pain in my ears. This is a draw. Both sides get 1 point.

New- 3  /  1  – Old

4. Design

The new iPhone headphones are smoothed out along the back, rather than a little stick with a headphone bud attached on the old iPod Nano. Also, on the iPhone headphones the ‘L’ and ‘R’ indicating which ear to stick the buds in, is hidden. This means that you can’t commit the iFaux Pas by putting the buds in the wrong ears and then publicly displaying it. It is a shame they are still white though…

New- 4  /  1  – Old

5. Length

I checked the lengths, and both headphones are the same. That means that this round is a tie, meaning the final score is…

New- 5  /  2  – Old

So the winner of the headphone contest is the new Apple headphones. Congratulations, Apple, you have beat yourself.

Old Headphones

New Headphones


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you have made it a noticable difference but one that i am still yet to try

Comment by Kenneth Watt

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