GPS Laptop Tracking: Helping Hand or Watchful Eye by Scott Campbell
August 11, 2008, 10:14 am
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A couple of days ago, Absolute Software, the leading provider of laptop theft recovery, announced that it is to begin using GPS features on correctly enabled laptops. This will allow them to track the location of laptops to an accuracy of 10m. Not only the current location, but the history of where the laptop has been as well.

According to the press release, “IT Asset Managers and compliance personnel can:

* Track and manage computers on the LAN or in the field
* Remotely delete sensitive information for regulatory compliance
* Easily inventory all computers regardless of their location
* Remotely inventory software licenses
* Detect hardware changes or prohibited software installations”.

At first you may be taken aback by this technical idea, which may help you to find a stolen laptop, but is this software really a helping hand, or is it a watchful eye?

The software tracks your every move. What if somebody happens to gain access to your account? The hacker then has the location of a potentially expensive laptop, and even worse, you. Obviously, this information could be used to carry out a theft or other crime. To me, that seems like quite a dangerous aspect of this service.

There is also the potential for customer data to be lost. The UK government have lost a lot of data. If the government can lose this data, so can anybody.

I think this tool can be useful, but there are some privacy issues.


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lol sounds cool
"a range of 10 metres"

do you mean it can track laptops with an accuracy of 10m, or it litterally can only see them if they are within 10m of the scanner, lol

btw just testing my html, havn’t tried it before in comments

Comment by Sam

Oops, sorry! Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, with an accuracy of 10 metres. 😀

Comment by Scott

Nice post. I just glanced through it. Maybe I can really read it later

Comment by TYMINSKA Karolina

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