6 Steps until Google rules the Internet by Scott Campbell

They say that there are 6 degrees of separation between any 2 given people on the planet. If ruling the internet and Google were counted as people, then Google is definitely only 6 steps away from ruling the internet.

(After writing the first paragraph, it doesn’t actually sound as good as I thought it would. Nevermind.)

Well anyway, according to Crunch Base, the database of mostly all Web companies, these are Google’s acquisitions:

Omnisio, ZAO Begun, DoubleClick, Jaiku, Zingku, Image America,Postini, GrandCentral , PeakStream, FeedBurner, Zenter, Panoramio, GreenBorder, Marratech,Tonic Systems,Trendalyzer, Adscape, Endoxon, JotSpot, YouTube, Neven Vision, Reqwireless, 2Web Technologies, Orion, @Last Software, Upstartle,Measure Map, dMarc Broadcasting, allPAY, bruNET, Phatbits, Akwan Information Technologies, Skia, Android, Dodgeball,Urchin Software, Keyhole,Where2,ZipDash,Picasa, Baidu,Ignite Logic, Sprinks, Genius Labs, Kaltix, Applied Semantics, Neotonic Software,,Pyra Labs, Outride, Deja.

Which, if you ask me, is a lot. What surprises me so much is the fact that Google can still afford state of the art office facilities after acquiring all these companies. They must turn some huge profit though.

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I want to work for google someday =D
as a software engineer,
its one of my dream jobs, lol

anyway I should get off the blogs and onto my major programming assignment!

Comment by Sam

a huge empire, but a good one and so much of it is good quality and free. i still don’t see however why they don’t just merge google video and youtube.

Comment by Kenneth Watt

why they dont merge them? They kind of have, lol. Honestly I think there would be more money in keeping them separate.

Comment by Sam

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