People, be VERY careful on public computers. by Scott Campbell
August 5, 2008, 12:11 pm
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Hello everyone.

I am currently on holiday on a small island, which if you read my Twitters (, you will already know.

My laptop can not get an internet connection here, so I had to go along to the local internet cafe.

I recently signed up for a facebook profile so thought that I would look in the pictures folder of the computer.

On navigating to the pictures folder I stumbled upon a folder called ‘My Chat Logs’.

If I double clicked on any of those .txt files, I had access to the conversations made on MSN on this computer.

I could find out about relationships, telephone numbers and even addresses.

In the wrong hands, this information could be deadly.

If you have to chat on MSN on a public computer, make sure you switch the chat history off in the preferences of MSN.


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Whoa. Yeah, that’s very scary. Why did that Internet café not knew something that easily?

Comment by Daan Berg

internet cafes:

use an online chat service such as ebuddy or one of the numerous others

dont access anything like your bank or try and buy something online

delete history, cookies and cache once you leave.

I’m very surprised that happened though, most internet cafes have their computers revert to an older image every shutdown. So every night the computer becomes free of crap basically, lol

Comment by Sam

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