Movie Memorabilla Sold at a ‘Discounted’ Price by Scott Campbell
August 1, 2008, 8:56 am
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A Californian company named Hollywood Parts has announced that it is going to sell movie memorabilla from the film ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D’  at a discounted price.

It has accquired a selection of ‘Hero Assets’ from Walden Media. Hero Assets are props which have been featured or touched in a movie or TV production by an actor such as wardrobe, props and set dressing.

Some of the Hero items for sale are the giant T-Rex skull that the stars ride up on a flume of steam from the center of the earth as well as the mine ore cars that are seen in an exciting roller coaster ride through a mine. Brendan Fraser and the other lead actor’s wardrobe and prop items are also available at a discount.

In my opinion, the prices on the website are not heavily discounted, with the giant ‘T-Rex’ skull selling for $6,000.00, and it appears that you can rent it for $900 per week. The mine ore cart is priced ar $3500.00, or $525 a week.

The thing which surprises me about these items and many others on the website are that they are not all hero assets. This means that they have not all been featured in the movie or touched by the cast. This means that the mine ore cart and the T Rex skull may not have been featured in the movie after all, it seems.

If you are going to go about buying these items, do be sure to check the page to see if it is a hero asset, otherwise that cool prop that was featured in the movie that you are always boasting about, may just be a spare that they kept in the back room.
Hollywood Parts can be found at


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